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Shandong University Recruiting Overseas Outstanding Scholars


I. About Shandong University

山东大学是一所历史悠久、在国内外具有重要影响的教育部直属重点综合性大学,是国家“211 工程”、“985 工程”重点建设的高水平大学之一,也是中国近代高等教育的起源性大学。

Shandong University (SDU) is a time-honored comprehensive university under the direct jurisdiction of China’s Ministry of Education. It is a member university of Project 211 and Project 985, two major national initiatives seeking to enhance the international competitiveness of the top-tier universities in China. As one of the original higher education institutions in modern China, SDU has become highly influential both at home and abroad.


In recent years, SDU has leapfrogged in its development, with remarkably enhanced overall strength and competitiveness. Sixteen of its disciplines rank among the top 1% in the ESI Rankings. These include Chemistry, Physics, Clinical Medicine, Materials Science, Biology and Biochemistry, Engineering, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Neuroscience and Behavior, Mathematics, Environmental Engineering and Ecology, Immunology, Plant and Animal Science, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Agricultural Science, General Social Science as well as Computer Science. It is worth mentioning that Chemistry ranks among the top 1‰ in the in the ESI Rankings. Currently SDU comprises eight campuses in three cities (Jinan, Qingdao and Weihai).


To achieve the strategic goal of joining the ranks of world-class universities, SDU has launched a series of programs to recruit outstanding scholars. We welcome high-caliber talents from home and abroad to join us.

  1. 招聘岗位及条件

 II. Openings and Qualifications


Program of Young Global Experts





4. 对进入面试环节者或其他优秀的青年学者,学校可优先推荐申报校内人才项目。

1. Scholars under the age of 40 majoring in Natural Science or Engineering Technology.

2. Doctorate holders who have the experience of doing research work in overseas institutions for more than three consecutive years and who enjoy a full teaching or research position in well-known overseas universities, research institutions or the R & D department of renowned enterprises; Outstanding among peers in the same research field and having potentials for leadership in academic research or technological development. For extremely outstanding scholars who have obtained a doctorate overseas, the age limit could be relaxed.

3. Once recruited, should be able to work full time in Shandong University. Preference is given to those who are not working full time in the mainland of China. For those who are already working in the mainland of China, the time of their returning to China should be within one year.  

4. Applicants qualified for the interview as well as other outstanding young scholars can be recommended for talent programs in Shandong University.


Program of Qilu Young Scholars of Shandong University


  1. 具有博士学位,自然科学或工程技术领域应聘者年龄不超过35周岁,人文社会科学领域应聘者的年龄不超过40周岁。

  2. 海外应聘者一般应具有高水平大学助理教授及以上职位或研究机构相应职位的经历,或具有海外长期学术研修经历。

  3. 应聘者已取得具有重要学术影响的标志性研究成果,具有较强的学术潜力,学术水平居于本学科领域同年龄段学者前列。

        1. Doctorate holders under the age of 35 in Natural Science or Engineering Technology and doctorate holders under the age of 40 in Humanities and Social Sciences.

        2. For overseas applicants, the minimum requirement is assistant professorship in high level universities or corresponding positions in research institutions. Those who have the experience of long-term overseas academic training will also be considered.

    3. Applicants should have strong academic potentials and have already achieved iconic research results with important academic influence as well as at the forefront among peers in their research fields. 


Scientific researching & Teaching falcuty






Position requirements:Age limits for assistant professor candidate is 32, for associate professor candidate is 35, for professor candidate is 40 years in general.

Professor candidate should be assistant professor or postdoctoral research fellow from prestigious oversea universities or research institutions;

Associate professor and assistant professor candidates should be postdoctoral research fellow or PHD graduate from prestigious oversea universities or research institutions.


Postdoctoral research fellow





1. under the age of 35.

2. Obtain his/her doctoral degree in the last 3years. Candidate of A type should graduate from the world’s top 100 universities or academic institutions.

3. Has got outstanding research results during his/her doctoral study and promise to working in SDU constantly for 21 months.

  1. 待遇及支持条件

        III. Remuneration and Support


    Program of Young Global ExpertsThousand Talents Plan

  2. 聘任为教授,博士生导师,提供专属博士生招生指标。

  3. 学科建设经费:在国家拨付100-300万科研经费基础上,学校提供不低于1:1学科建设经费配套。

  4. 薪酬:年薪40-50万元。

  5. 安家及住房补助:150万元(含国家及山东省补助)。首聘期内提供专家公寓优惠租住,在青岛校区工作的可在青岛校区限价购买自有产权住房。

  6. 协助安排配偶工作,为子女提供优质的校内就学条件。

(1)Academic title: professor and doctoral supervisor. Enjoying special quotas for recruiting doctoral students.

(2)Funds for discipline development: apart from the 1 to 3 million RMB appropriation from the national government, a minimum of 1:1 discipline construction funds will be provided.

     (3)Salary: The annual salary is 400,000 to 500,000 RMB.

     (4)Housing benefits: 1.5 million RMB (including allowance from the national and provincial governments). Experts’ apartment is available at preferential rent during the first term of appointment. Those who work on the Qingdao Campus enjoy the right to buy their own housing on the campus at a fixed price.

     (5)SDU will help to make job arrangements for the spouse as well as making arrangements for high-quality on-campus schooling for the children.


Program of Qilu Young Scholars

  1. 聘任为教授,博士生导师。

  2. 学科建设经费:根据学科领域不同,学校提供学科建设经费,自然科学或工程技术领域不低于100万元,人文社会科学类不低于30万元。

  3. 薪酬:年薪30-40万元.

  4. 安家及住房补助:学校提供30-50万元住房补助;前两年提供专家公寓优惠租住,在青岛校区工作的可在青岛校区限价购买自有产权住房。

  5. 为子女提供优质的校内就学条件。

  6. Academic title: professor and doctoral supervisor.

     (2)Funds for discipline development: SDU will provide no less than 1 million RMB for scholars in Natural Science or Engineering Technology and no less than 300,000 RMB for scholars in Humanities and Social Sciences.

         (3)Salary: The annual salary is 300,000 to 400,000 RMB.

         (4)Housing benefits: SDU will provide an allowance of 300,000 to 500,000 RMB. Experts’ apartment is available at preferential rent during the first two terms of appointment. Those who work on the Qingdao Campus enjoy the right to buy their own housing on campus at a fixed price.

         (5)SDU will help to make arrangements for high-quality on-campus schooling for the children.





    (1)Considerable salary and performance allowance;

(2). Research funding of RMB60, 000-200,000; RMB200, 000-500,000 for those who is selected to be “SDU Young Scholars Program”;

(3)Housing allowance.






Salaries and benefits

1. A type: Annual salary of RMB 300,000 for 2 years;

2. B type: Annual salary of RMB 180,000 for 2 years;

3. C type: Enjoy same benefits as regular assistant professors.

  1. 岗位需求

IV. Major Fields for Recruitment


Shandong University is a comprehensive university. We offer various positions in most disciplines including humanities, social sciences, science and engineering, etc. You are welcomed to visit us for detailed job requirements and benefits.

  1. 应聘方式

    V.How to apply


    Applicants can submit their applications all year round. Application materials include a personal resume and a brief introduction to the academic achievements.  Applicants can contact the relevant school directly or send application materials to the school talents office : rcb@sdu.edu.cn (Please mark the position you apply).


Ⅵ. Contact us:

李  岩;联系电话+86-531-88365747E-mailrcb@sdu.edu.cn

Li Yan; Phone number: + 86-531-88365747; E-mail: rcb@sdu.edu.cn